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Ceramic steel
Size Options (in mm)
1223mm x 1638mm, 1223mm x 2171mm
Size in Diagonals
78 Inches, 96 Inches
Customize according to your needs
Resistant to permanent staining
Easy to clean
Scratch Resistant Surface
Schools, Offices & Creative environments

Interactive Whiteboard For Smart and Engaging Learning

Ceramic Interactive Boards is the first and only environmentally certified interactive whiteboard to combine the simplicity and ease of a traditional markerboard with high-performance interactivity. Ceramic steel board with built-in interactive features and it is operated without any power requirements or any wired connection. Go from markers to multimedia, from ink to internet, on a virtually indestructible ceramicsteel surface. Project your computer screen onto interactive boards and navigate through documents, presentations or websites from the board.

Whitemark white writing board with gi sheet in back side

Advantages Of White Writing Board For Institutional Use


Interactive board flexibility saves valuable lesson time by controlling and interacting with the smart board, the projector and peripherals in one place: at the board. Teachers are always ready to demonstrate key concepts from the front of the classroom.

More time for lessons

Integration of smart boards multi-user, multi-media and multi-functional features enable quick lesson reference and seamless instruction. A fun learning environment is guaranteed for all.

Uncomplicated Training

With just one solution to learn, teachers use dedicated buttons to manipulate the board and projector and seamlessly teach with the software they have always known and loved, maximizing valuable classroom time.

Maximized budgets

Purchasing and support from one company, coupled with simple installation without any power requirements and any wired connection, reduces time and costs for schools seeking to get the most from their interactive technology implementation.

Cleaner and Greener classrooms

The Interactive board is environmentally certified, recyclable and made with e3 environmental ceramic steel surface. So, choosing the interactive classroom solution to helps conserve natural resources and ensures clean air in the classroom- protecting our earth and children for generations.

Enhanced Visibility

The bright white background of a whiteboard offers excellent contrast, making the content more visible and readable from a distance. This is especially beneficial in larger classrooms or meeting rooms.

whitemark refelection image

Non Reflective Surface

Whitemark multi media

Multi-media Integration

Benefits Of Our Whiteboards

whitemark writing board feature
Whitemark Scratch resistance board

Scratch Resistant

Whitemark easy installation

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance And Cost Savings Whiteboard

Whiteboards require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or eraser is usually sufficient to keep them in top condition, saving time and effort. While the upfront cost of a whiteboard may be higher than other options, it is durability and long lifespan make it a cost-effective choice in the long run. Reduced replacement and maintenance expenses contribute to overall savings.

Features And How To Use

  1. Operate without any power requirements and any wired connection.
  2. Replace instead of repair: With all technical components consolidated into a Bluetooth-enabled stylus, worries about multiple points of failure are a thing of the past. The board is maintenance-free; the stylus is a next-day replacement.
  3. Use a stylus smart pen which is specially designed for Interactive board.
  4. You can connect two stylus at one time.
  5. You can use basic mode through the navigator strip.
  6. You can use the multi-colour marker option in the Interactive board.
  7. For advanced use you can use RM Easiteach software with more features.
  8. You can also use a whiteboard marker to write or draw on the Interactive whiteboard, an exceptionally smooth surface for dry-erase notes.
  9. Environmentally certified
  10. Durable and long-lasting ceramic steel surface that lasts a lifetime.
  11. Multimedia, markers and magnets: three boards in one.

Materials Used in Our Boards

Whitemark e3 ceframic image


Ceramic steel/ Resin/Laminate

Whitemark MDF sheet image


MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

Whitemark GI sheet image


GI Sheet

Whitemark aluminium frame


Aluminium, Corner- ABS Plastic

whitemark limited logo

If you are confused and need help while choosing right board?

We have many options of sizes, colors, and surfaces, if you are confused about selecting the perfect boards, kindly get in touch with us to know more about different options.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What maintenance is required for an interactive whiteboard?

Regular cleaning of the board surface and maintenance of the associated hardware are recommended. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal performance.

What types of content can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards can display a wide range of content, including presentations, documents, videos, websites, and interactive applications.

Can an interactive whiteboard be used in different settings?

Yes, interactive whiteboards are versatile and suitable for classrooms, boardrooms, training rooms, and various collaborative spaces.

Can interactive whiteboards integrate with other technology and devices?

Yes, most interactive whiteboards can integrate with other technology and devices, including computers, tablets, projectors, and audio-visual systems.

Do interactive whiteboards come in different sizes?

Yes, interactive whiteboards are available in various sizes to suit different room configurations and user preferences.

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