Whitemark e3 Ceramic Steel Chalkboard for school

Chalkboard For Schools And Colleges

Ceramic steel, Resin Coated, Laminate Board
Size Options (approx - in feet)
3X4, 4X4, 4X5, 4X6, 4X8, 4X10, 4X12
Customize according to your needs
Resistant to permanent staining
Easy to clean
Scratch Resistant Surface
Schools, Offices & Creative environments

Use Whitemark Chalkboards For Better Teaching Experiences

Whitemark Chalkboards are a  professional medium that offers practical support in communicating information. But this basic characteristic is to only thing it has in common with a traditional chalkboard that we are all so familiar with. This classic charm creates a sense of tradition and authenticity, which can positively impact the overall atmosphere of the classroom. Chalkboards continue to be an integral part of educational settings, offering unique benefits that digital alternatives cannot replicate. Moreover, the classic aesthetic and the engagement they foster contribute to a rich and authentic classroom experience. While technology continues to advance, the enduring charm and practicality of chalkboards ensure their continued relevance in education.

e3 chalkboard with MDF sheet in middle and GI sheet in back side

Best Writing Chalkboards For Teaching In Classes

Versatility and Flexibility

Chalkboards are versatile and can be used across various subjects. They are particularly useful in subjects like mathematics, where equations, problems, and graphs can be easily written and explained. They allow for quick demonstrations, illustrations, and the ability to easily erase and modify content.


Chalkboards are budget-friendly options compared to other writing boards. Their affordability makes them a practical option for schools and teachers, especially in resource-constrained settings. They require minimal maintenance and the only recurring cost is replenishing chalk.


Chalkboards are known for their durability and longevity. With proper care, they can withstand frequent use and continue to serve as a reliable teaching tool for years. They can handle daily erasing and rewriting, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Easy Accessibility

Chalkboards are readily available and easy to use. Teachers can quickly grab a piece of chalk and start writing, eliminating the need for complex setup or technical support.

Traditional Appeal

Chalkboards evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, adding a touch of classic elegance to any environment. They carry a symbolic value and connect generations of teachers and learners. The familiarity and time-honoured nature of chalkboards contribute to a comfortable and familiar classroom environment.


Our writing chalkboard made from ceramic steel this Chalkboards are considered more environmentally friendly than their digital counterparts. They do not require electricity, reduce electronic waste, and have minimal impact on the environment.

whitemark refelection image

Non Reflective  Surface

Whitemark bacteria resistance board

 Bacteria Resistant

Benefits Of Writing Chalkboards

whitemark writing board feature
Whitemark Scratch resistance board

Scratch Resistant

Whitemark easy installation

Easy Installation

Capturing Your Students Attention and Interest

Chalkboard writing combined with verbal instruction helps maintain students ‘ attention and interest for longer periods compared to purely oral presentations. The visual element stimulates engagement and prevents disengagement during lessons. Teachers can monitor student behaviour more effectively from their position at the front of the classroom.

We Have Three Different Types Of Chalkboards

Ceramic Steel Board

Whitemark chalkboards with environmental ceramic steel surface offer the smoothest writing, easiest erasing, and best visibility you will find anywhere. These boards are a professional medium that offers practical support in communicating information. We pioneered the ceramic steel writing board – now the industry standard – in India. Schools, colleges, universities and training centers all over the country choose our chalkboards for academic and creative applications.


  • Ultra-smooth writing
  • Easy dry-erasability
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Non-reflective
  • Superior visibility and optimum eye comfort
  • Greater colour contrast
  • Hard surface is virtually indestructible
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Fire and chemical resistant
  • Bacteria and graffiti resistant

Dimensions Available

90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.)
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)
120 x 300 cm (4` x 10` approx.)
120 x 360 cm (4` x 12` approx.)

Resin Coated Board

Glare-free chalk writing boards in dark green colour to give the best effect of chalk. Good quality chalk is recommended by Whitemark. These boards have a specially coated, UV-hardened surface to give them a long life. The coated steel writing surface has a matt finish and is framed with an elegant natural Anodised Aluminium profile and rounded plastic corners. These boards are easy to write on with dry markers and dry erasable.


  • Smooth writing
  • Dry-erasable
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Non-fading
  • Special UV-hardened surface                                  

Dimensions Available

90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.)
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)
120 x 300 cm (4` x 10` approx.)
120 x 360 cm (4` x 12` approx.)

Laminate Board

These boards have as many applications as there are places to use them. The drywipe – non-magnetic board is the ideal solution for places where the economy is desired. The hard laminate, brilliant surface is suitable for writing on with high-quality chalks. The boards are supplied complete with aluminium frame and fixing clamps, the main advantage of laminated chalkboards is their versatility. Chalkboard has gently rounded corners, and discreet black or white plastic edging.


  • Advanced manufacturing technique offering tough construction.
  • Hard drywipe laminate surface which is easy to write on.
  • Low price range to suit all users

Dimensions Available

90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.) 
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)

Chalkboard Sizes Available

Materials Used in Our Boards

Whitemark e3 ceframic image


Ceramic steel/ Resin/Laminate

Whitemark MDF sheet image


MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

Whitemark GI sheet image


GI Sheet

Whitemark aluminium frame


Aluminium, Corner- ABS Plastic

whitemark limited logo

If you are confused and need help while choosing right board?

We have many options of sizes, colors, and surfaces, if you are confused about selecting the perfect boards, kindly get in touch with us to know more about different options.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What type of chalk is best for a chalkboard?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use high-quality white or color chalk specifically designed for chalkboards. These types of chalk provide smooth writing and are easily erasable.

How do I prevent chalkboard ghosting?

Chalkboard ghosting refers to the faint residue left on the surface after erasing. To prevent ghosting, make sure to fully erase the previous markings before writing again. Using a slightly damp cloth or sponge can help remove any remaining chalk dust.

Are there alternative writing tools for chalkboard?

Yes, there are alternative writing tools available for chalkboards, such as chalk markers or liquid chalk pens. These markers produce vibrant and long-lasting colors, but they may require specific cleaning techniques.

Are there eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chalk for chalkboard?

Yes, there are eco-friendly alternatives available such as dustless chalk or recycled chalk. These options are made from materials that produce less chalk dust and may be more sustainable than traditional chalk.

Can I use a wet cloth to clean a chalkboard?

Using a wet cloth to clean a chalkboard is generally not recommended as it can cause the chalk to smudge and create a messy appearance. It is best to use a slightly damp cloth or sponge for gentle cleaning

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