Ceramic steel White Writing Board With Scratch Resistance
Ceramic steel, Resin Coated, Laminate Board
Size Options (approx - in feet)
3X4, 4X4, 4X5, 4X6, 4X8, 4X10, 4X12
Customize according to your needs
Resistant to permanent staining
Easy to clean
Scratch Resistant Surface
Schools, Offices & Creative environments

e3 Ceramic Steel Whiteboard For Smooth Writing

Introducing the sleek and modern whiteboard-an innovative solution for capturing ideas and organizing thoughts. With smooth surface and easy-to-clean functionality, this contemporary alternative whiteboards offer a seamless writing experience. Step into the world of efficiency and creativity with the whiteboard. White writing boards are a vital communication tool in various educational, professional, and creative environments. They offer a range of benefits that make them an essential asset in classrooms, offices, and collaborative spaces.

Whitemark white writing board with gi sheet in back side

Advantages Of White Writing Board For Institutional Use

Versatile Applications

Whiteboards find applications in various settings, such as classrooms, boardrooms, offices,and collaborative workspaces. They serve as an ideal platform for brainstorming,presentations, project planning, teaching, and group discussions.

Marker-based convenience

The surface of the whiteboard provides a smooth and even writing experience. It allows markers to glide effortlessly, resulting in legible and visually appealing content. Whiteboards utilize markers that offer smooth writing and vibrant colors. They are easy to use, wipe off, and can be used with a variety of colors for highlighting and organization.

Cleaner and neater

Unlike chalkboards, whiteboards do not generate dust or product residue, making them ideal for those with dust allergies or sensitivities. With a simple swipe of an eraser or a dry cloth,
the whiteboard can be easily wiped clean. There is no residue or ghosting, ensuring that each new session starts fresh.


Ceramic whiteboards made from e3 are an environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional chalkboards or paper-based alternatives. They eliminate the need for consumables like chalk or paper, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Whiteboards are built to last, ensuring years of reliable use. They are resistant to staining, ghosting, and scratching, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Enhanced Visibility

The bright white background of a whiteboard offers excellent contrast, making the content more visible and readable from a distance. This is especially beneficial in larger classrooms or meeting rooms.

whitemark refelection image

Non Reflective Surface

Whitemark multi media

Multi-media Integration

Benefits Of Our Whiteboards

whitemark writing board feature
Whitemark Scratch resistance board

Scratch Resistant

Whitemark easy installation

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance And Cost Savings Whiteboard

Whiteboards require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or eraser is usually sufficient to keep them in top condition, saving time and effort. While the upfront cost of a whiteboard may be higher than other options, it is durability and long lifespan make it a cost-effective choice in the long run. Reduced replacement and maintenance expenses contribute to overall savings.

We Have Three Different Types Of Writing Whiteboards

Ceramic Steel Board

We (Whitemark) manufacture Ceramic magnetic whiteboards, it’s also known as dry erase board.  made out of e3 environmental ceramicsteel, have a contemporary design with an elegant aluminium frame and rounded plastic corners. the glossy surface enables easy writing and erasing while the matt surface serves the dual purpose of a writing board and a projection screen. This helps combine photographic image with personal written notes.



  • Ultra-smooth writing
  • Easy dry-erasability
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Non-reflective
  • Superior visibility and optimum eye comfort
  • Greater colour contrast
  • Hard surface is virtually indestructible
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Fire and chemical resistant
  • Bacteria and graffiti resistant

Dimensions Available

60 x 90 cm (2` x 3` approx.)
90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.)
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)
120 x 300 cm (4` x 10` approx.)
120 x 360 cm (4` x 12` approx.)

Resin Coated Board

These boards have a specially coated, UV-hardened surface to give them a longer life. And because the coating is done on steel these boards are magnetic and can also be used as notice boards with the help of magnets. They have a glossy surface framed with elegant Natural Anodised Aluminium profiles and rounded plastic corners. These boards are easy to write on with dry markers and dry erasable.


  • Smooth writing
  • Dry-erasable
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Non-fading
  • Special UV-hardened surface                                  

Dimensions Available

60 x 90 cm (2` x 3` approx.)
90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.)
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)
120 x 300 cm (4` x 10` approx.)
120 x 360 cm (4` x 12` approx.)

Laminate Board

These boards have as many applications as there are places to use them. The drywipe – non-magnetic board is the ideal solution for places where the economy is desired. The high gloss, hard laminate, brilliant white surface is suitable for writing on with dry-wipe board markers. the main advantage of laminated white writing boards is their versatility.


  • Advanced manufacturing technique offering tough construction.
  • Hard drywipe laminate surface which is easy to write on.
  • Low price range to suit all users

Dimensions Available

90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.) 
120 x 120 cm (4` x 4` approx.)
120 x 150 cm (4` x 5` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)
120 x 240 cm (4` x 8` approx.)

White Writingboards Sizes Available

Materials Used in Our Boards

Whitemark e3 ceframic image


Ceramic steel/ Resin/Laminate

Whitemark MDF sheet image


MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

Whitemark GI sheet image


GI Sheet

Whitemark aluminium frame


Aluminium, Corner- ABS Plastic

whitemark limited logo

If you are confused and need help while choosing right board?

We have many options of sizes, colors, and surfaces, if you are confused about selecting the perfect boards, kindly get in touch with us to know more about different options.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Which whiteboard material is best?

A ceramic whiteboard is a type of whiteboard surface that is made from a thin layer of porcelain enamel fused onto a steel or aluminum base. It provides a smooth, durable, and non-porous writing surface that is resistant to stains and ghosting.

Does the whiteboard reflect light?

Ceramic steel whiteboard has a relatively low reflectivity compared to other surfaces. The matte finish of ceramicsteel helps to minimize glare and reflections, making it easier to view and read the content on the whiteboard without distractions.

Are whiteboard good for the environment?

Whiteboard can be considered environmentally friendly due to their, e3 environmental ceramicsteel, reusability, reduction in paper waste, and minimal need for chemical cleaners.

Can I use any type of marker on a ceramic whiteboard?

Yes, ceramic whiteboard is compatible with most dry-erase markers. It is recommended to use high-quality markers to ensure easy writing and erasability.

How is a ceramic whiteboard different from other whiteboard?

Ceramic whiteboard offer several advantages over other types of whiteboards. They are highly resistant to stains, scratches, and ghosting, ensuring long-lasting performance. They are also more durable and can withstand heavy use without deteriorating.

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