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Ceramic steel
Size Option (in feet)
2X3, 3X4, 4X6
customize according to your needs
Resistant to permanent staining
Easy to clean
Scratch Resistant Surface
School, Office, creative environment

Use School Line Board to Improve Hand Writing

For as long as the high-quality ceramicsteel has been used as a writing surface, the option to order it with screenprinted pattern has been available. Often an educational pattern is selected in combination with the chalkboard or whiteboard writing surface as an aid for normal use. The pattern is fired at a temperature of 700 – 900 degrees and is integrated in the top ceramic coating. This means that it remains visible but can’t be felt and does not interfere when writing or erasing on the board and the functionality of the product remains secure throughout its complete lifecycle.

Best Graph And School Line Boards For Teaching In Classes

Versatility and Design

We offer a range of standard educational patterns like graphs and school lines. In addition, custom-made patterns can be produced in single or multiple colors depending on available time schedules and cost considerations.

Graph Grid Pattern

 Graph boards with grids of 5 cm square offer an accurate structure for entering graphs, statistics, or a simple schedule. The gaps between the lines in a graph board provide clear boundaries for maintaining data. Each square formed by the grid represents a specific unit of measurement or data point. The gaps ensure that data points are distinct and separate, making it easier to interpret and analyze the information displayed on the graph.

School Line

The gap in school line boards between horizontal lines are the first gap of 40 cm, the second gap of 50 cm, and the third gap of 40 cm. These three gaps comprise on set of pattern for practising cursive writing. After each set there is a gap of 20mm before the next set of lines start.   Students are taught to form their letters within the space between the lines, ensuring that they are writing consistent in size.


Graph Board – The graph board’s primary purpose is to create the graph and visual presentations of data

Schools Lines -School line board specifically designed to improve writing skills


Graph Board – Grid pattern horizontal and vertical lines, forming square and

Schools Lines – School line boards, have evenly spaced horizontal lines for
guided handwriting.


Graph Board – Graph boards are useful for educational settings, scientific
research, data analysis, presentations, and more.

Schools Lines – Schools Lines are useful for teaching children the art of cursive
writing and is an essential asset in any classroom

whitemark refelection image

Non Reflective  Surface

Whitemark multi media

Improve handwriting

Benefits Of Writing School line boards

whitemark writing board feature
Whitemark Scratch resistance board

Scratch Resistant

Whitemark easy installation

Easy Installation

Where You Can Use Graph & School line Boards

Graph Board– graph boards are suitable for those who work with numerical data, researchers, and data analysis

School Line Board- School line boards are mainly used by primary and elementary school’s students to enhance writing abilities.

We Have Three Different Sizes Of Graph Boards

Graph & School Line Board

Graph and school line boards are available in e3 environmental ceramic steel. Ceramic steel boards surface offer ultra smooth surface and clear visibility. Graph and school line boards are most useful for educational settings, scientific research and presentation etc.


  • Ultra-smooth writing
  • Easy dry-erasability
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Non-reflective
  • Superior visibility and optimum eye comfort
  • Greater colour contrast
  • Hard surface is virtually indestructible
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Fire and chemical resistant
  • Bacteria and graffiti resistant

Dimensions Available

60 x 90 cm (2` x 3` approx.)
90 x 120 cm (3` x 4` approx.)
120 x 180 cm (4` x 6` approx.)

Graphboard Sizes Available

Materials Used in Our Boards

Whitemark e3 ceframic image


Ceramic steel/ Resin/Laminate

Whitemark MDF sheet image


MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

Whitemark GI sheet image


GI Sheet

Whitemark aluminium frame


Aluminium, Corner- ABS Plastic

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If you are confused and need help while choosing right board?

We have many options of sizes, colors, and surfaces, if you are confused about selecting the perfect boards, kindly get in touch with us to know more about different options.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How can graph boards be utilized in business meetings?

Graph boards allow presenters to display and explain data using charts, graphs, or diagrams. This visual representation helps participants better understand complex information and trends.

How can graph boards be used in environmental studies?

Graph boards allow researchers to visually represent environmental data, such as temperature trends, rainfall patterns, or pollutant concentrations. Graphs and charts help in understanding and interpreting complex environmental information.

What are the main uses of a graph board?

Graph boards are commonly used for educational purposes, such as teaching and learning mathematics, statistics, or data analysis. They are also useful in business settings for presentations, planning, and displaying numerical data.

How graph board can be used in a classroom?

Graph boards can be used to solve mathematical problems. Teachers can present problem-solving scenarios, equations, or word problems on the board, and guide students in using graphs and diagrams to develop strategies and find solutions.

Can a graph board be used with markers or pens?

Yes, graph boards are compatible with dry-erase markers or whiteboard markers. These markers can be used to draw graphs, label axes, and plot data points on the board’s surface.

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